p o r t f o l i o s

The three following portfolios were completed during my time as a Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) undergraduate student at Colorado State University. 

B F A   T H E S I S  :   Significance  (2017)

Artist Statement: Through the influences of the environmental portrait and exploration of self-portraiture, my work aims to highlight the significance of the more mundane aspects of life between my husband and I. Throughout this series of photographs, a narrative takes form, providing a unique view inside the details of one’s personal life. By choosing color photography rather than black and white, the work endeavors to be more than a documentary account. The incorporation of natural and artificial light works to evoke a subtle emotional response of connection to the images. The moments the images capture are not uncommon to many relationships and yet they are exclusive within each one. The small features of daily life are often unremarkable and therefore overlooked, yet these small moments provide significance through a sense of knowing in the quietness, augmenting the relationship between loved ones in the day-to-day. 

The following project merged my interests in Ethnic Studies and  rhetorical photography.

B F A :   M O R E   T H A N   B L A C K   (2017) 

Artist Statement: The idea for More Than Black evolved from my experience as the wife of a Black man. I know who he is, who he is not, and how he sees himself. I observe how family views him, how friends regard him, and how society critiques him. By combining skills from my studies in art, and knowledge from Ethnic Studies courses, I have composed the following stories into a book.

In each narrative, text is paired with an extended portrait, capturing unique details of the individual and ultimately revealing aspects of who they are. The book is a work meant to provoke a critical view of how Black men are perceived in American society. By using a collection of personal stories and photographs, More Than Black endeavors to deconstruct stereotypes and misconceptions of Black men.

Original presentation in book format. 


B F A :   O R C H I D S   (2016)

Artist Statement: Inspired by Imogen Cunningham's Plants, I photographed orchids to explore studio photography. These images were shot with an RB67 film camera in a small apartment room with a makeshift studio using a brown sheet as a backdrop and two household lamps. The images were created with the intent to emphasize varying shape within depth of space.

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